Au Pair Stays in Germany


How exactly does the application process work?

After you fill out our online Application Form we will review all the information you submitted, contact you if anything is missing and then confirm your application by email. Kindly note that in order to start processing your application we need some additional documents that are outlined on the How to Apply page. Within the next few days after your application, we will schedule a short phone interview, when we will ask some general questions in order to get to know you more and find the host family that suits you best.

If the phone interview is succesful, we will send an acceptance letter and the invoice for our 250€ processing fee.

In order to find you a family quickly, we cooperate with several licensed Au Pair Agencies in Germany who are usually able to place every applicant within a decent time frame. The family will then contact you directly, let you know more information (place, members of the family, profession etc.) and wait for your final approval.

At this point we will also help you to get your visa if you need one to enter Germany.

Is there any other cost involved?

No, there isn't! That's what's so great about the Au Pair program. Except for your flight and the 250 Euros processing fee, there is no other cost for you. The family will provide you with room and board and a "pocket money" of at least 200 Euros per month, plus some other benefits, such as health insurance and a monthly ticket for public transportation in your area.

What should I do if I have problems with the host family?

The Au Pair program is a great experience for both families and au pairs. Usually everything works out well, but of course sometimes problems may occur. Customs are different in other countries and it may take you some time to adapt to the every day German lifestyle and to the mentality of the host family (a problem that the host family might be facing with you as well). If there is a problem try to talk to the family first. If it becomes clear that you and your host family don't get along at all although you have fulfilled your duties, please contact us and we will try to find another host family for you as soon as possible. We will be at your disposition at any time not only for problems but also for providing you useful information, or with a list of au pairs living in your area.

Do I need to pay for my health insurance?

The German host family is responsible for your health insurance. We advise all our families of this duty, but to ensure that your insurance is valid on time it's always good to confirm with your host family before you arrive. We recommend that you visit your dentist and doctor before departure for a check-up, because certain medical treatments and examinations are either covered only by a certain percentage or are not covered by the au pair insurance at all. Hint: ask your credit card company for information concerning free travel insurance.

Can I stay less than one year?

The families usually prefer au pairs who can stay for one year, since this way you and your family will get a closer relationship. However, sometimes we can also arrange au pair stays for a shorter period, for example 6 months. If you are interested in this option, please contact us and we will let you know if we currently have something available.

What about the legal situation?

The au pair contract is a free agreement between the host family and the au pair and can be cancelled within 2 weeks. If you want to return home prematurely, you should inform us at least two week before your departure. You should remain with you host family until we find a replacement for you. In case of problems with the host family that cannot be solved, please contact us immediately. We will try to help you and if necessary find you another family. Remember to bring some extra money in case of emergency. Before you leave your host family, we would appreciate it if you give us some feedback about your stay. Be sure that your information will be treated confidentially. If you do not fulfill your agreed duties as an au pair, you will be asked to leave the host family and return to your home country.

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