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Why Germany?

When it comes to spending some time abroad, most people don't think of Germany as their first choice. Especially for young people from non-english-spreaking countries the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain are all popular destinations. However, Germany has a lot to offer that most people may not be aware of:

  • Culture: elegant big-city charm, picture-postcard small towns, a wealth of art and culture, huge tracts of forest, beautiful castles and fine wine and beer are all there for you to discover. Since reunification in 1990 Germany has started another chapter of its fascinating history. By not only visiting Germany as a tourist, but living here for an extended period of time, you will certainly be able to understand this country's past and rich culture and the way it affects Germany's role in the world today.
  • Language: German used to be the predominant language in continental Europe and even though it has lost this role to English, it remains the second most important foreign language in many countries all around the world. Having a good comand of German will grant you great opportunities in various fields, such as business, tourism etc., but on the other hand you will also be able to read influential German authors and philosophers in their mother tongue.
  • Standard of Living: Germany is the third biggest economy in the world (after the United States and Japan). Germany's social market economy and welfare state was long seen as a living alternative to aggressive US-style capitalism on the one side and Soviet communism on the other side. Even though this "German way" has got more and more into crisis recently, life is still incredibly easy in Germany. Wages are high, social benefits are generous, prices for basic things such as housing and groceries are moderate (less than in France or England). Working conditions are much less stressful than in other countries, everybody gets six weeks of paid vacation right from the first year.
  • At the heart of Europe: Germany's convenient location makes it possible to visit many European countries even on short trips without spending much time on the road. It's only about one hour by train from Berlin to Poland, even less from the Black Forrest to France or Switzerland.
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